Our service is delivered by experienced professionals to make sure you receive the care you expect. We use the latest focused Storz Medical technology and follow procedures of their world renowned
shockwave experts. Clinical evidence supports the use of focused shockwave therapy (not radial shockwave therapy) for the treatment of a range of specialist conditions including those related to men’s health.

Edinburgh Shockwave is part of Physis Physiotherapy clinic which has been established since 1999. We have used shockwave therapy over a 10 year period and our expert physiotherapists deliver shockwave therapy at our clinic in Edinburgh. Typically shockwave therapy is used to treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions but we treat a wider range of specialist conditions compared to other clinics. That may be working on scars, fractures that have failed to unite or urological conditions such as erectile dysfunction.

But our specialists offer a more extensive and combined approach to erectile dysfunction than other clinics. You will receive guidance on lifestyle changes which may amplify the therapeutic effect of your treatments and the professional guidance you expect. We have close links with medical specialists to  ensure your diagnosis and treatment approach is individualised for your care.

We provide you with the highest standards of care: